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We all want to be liked and appreciated by our students. But we know that it’s not always the case. It can be difficult for us as teachers to find out what makes them dislike us so much and this blog post will help you figure out why they may dislike you! 

There are many reasons your student may dislike you, such as: how strict or lenient you are with your rules, whether or not they like the subject that is being taught in class if their parents don’t like how strict or lenient that you are with your rules, etc. This blog post will cover some of these reasons and give tips on how to make sure they learn something from each lesson!

Why Should There Be Love Between You and Your Students?

Ten Benefits of Students Loving Their Teacher

1. The classroom is a nicer place to be when the students love their teacher.

2. Teachers are less likely to neglect their students when they love them.

3. Students are more open to new ideas in the classroom when they love their teacher.

4. You will have fewer discipline problems with students who love you in class.

5. Having a loving relationship with your student makes your job easier overall.

6. You will be more flexible when you love your students than when you don’t.

7. Students are less likely to act out when they love their teacher.

8. Love breeds respect for students in the classroom, which creates a healthy environment where learning can happen.

9. A loving classroom environment encourages the spread of positivity between students and teachers.

10. You will be more kind and patient with them.

11. They will trust you more.

12. They will show extra appreciation for everything that you do for them.

13. Students who love their teachers are better prepared to learn in school.

14. They feel closer to the people they work with, which builds team spirit.

15. Love leads to healthier communication between you and your students, leading to a more successful classroom environment.

16. You will have fewer discipline problems in the class overall.

17. Students are generally happier when they love their teacher, which leads them to put more effort into their school work.

18. Your teaching style will be less rigid and more open to new ideas.

19. You might be a better teacher for loving your students since you care about them as individuals.

Ten Benefits of Teachers Loving Their Students:

1. Teachers are happier when they love their students.

2. Students feel more comfortable and open with teachers who love them.

3. Your students will take care of you, wanting to do what they can to help you out if needed.

4. Love builds team spirit in the class, which leads to a more successful classroom environment overall.

5. Communication between teacher and student is healthier when there is love between them, which leads to fewer discipline problems.

6. Your students will want to put in more effort when they are happier, which means better grades for you.

7. Love is contagious and spreads quickly among the students in the class, so they will all feel closer after a while of hearing that you love them.

8. When you love your students, they will feel respected and valued for who they are as people.

9. Love is something that just happens naturally between you and your students when it comes from the heart, which means no extra effort is needed on your part to carry it out.

10. There’s nothing more rewarding than loving the students you spend time with every day.

Why Will Your Students Dislike You?

Many of you may question why students will dislike their teacher. What could I have possibly done wrong? While some teachers are just naturally liked by all of their students, there are several reasons why students might not like you. Here is a list of ten possible reasons why your students will dislike you:

1. You do not engage with your students.

2. You are not friendly with your students.

3. You do not explain concepts well to your students.

4. When students ask you questions, you give them a difficult time or ignore them completely.

5. Your grading policies are inconsistent and unfair to the student’s learning ability, effort, and circumstances outside of their control.

6. You are not helpful with your students when they ask for help outside of class time.

7. You do not provide enough opportunities for extended learning or outside work.

8. You are disrespectful to students’ cultures, religions, beliefs, backgrounds, etc.

9. Students think that you are too strict about their work.

10. You are often sick and late to class, making students feel like they do not matter to you.

These are just ten reasons why your students may dislike you, but there are many more possibilities. The main thing is that it does not matter why your students will dislike you; the only thing that matters is how you handle it. Just apologize for anything that you have done wrong in the past. It may take longer to gain your students’ trust back, but it will be worth it in the end if they can learn to respect you in time.

If any of these reasons or similar reasons sound like you, then make sure to change your teaching behaviors so that your students will not dislike you in the future.

How to Regain Your Lost Love from Your Students?

Have you ever considered why the love of your students was lost in the first place? Have you ever thought about how to regain their love once again? You might be thinking that it is impossible, but, believe me; nothing is impossible.

All sorts of barriers are always present between teachers and students no matter if they are new or experienced. But these barriers can be broken when you follow some specific guidelines to gain the love of your students again.

So, I want to share my practical experience with you, which helped me regain the love of my students after a break. It will help new teachers or experienced teachers who are also facing similar issues in their careers. So, let’s get started without wasting further time.

1. Be Patient and Understand Their Emotions 

Being young and in a big class can be a really difficult life for students. They will have problems understanding your accent, which you that they find it very hard to follow. Make sure that when you speak in front of them, be patient and do not expect them to get your point in the very first go. Most of them will simply not understand you, and it is fine.

2. Understand That They Are Your Future

Yes! You got me right, they are your future and that’s why treat them with respect and dignity. They come from different backgrounds and some of them might be really stressed out. So do not take it too personally and try to help them as much as possible according to their needs. You can also ask your senior teaching staff members for guidance regarding this matter.

3. Try to Build A Relationship with Them

You might think that building a relationship with students is an impossible task, but trust me, it is not. All you need to do is show them your love and care. Try to take an interest in things that they like doing. This will help you find common ground between you both, which might result in a healthy relationship.

4. Make Sure You Know Their Interests

This might be difficult because students come from various backgrounds and like different things. But, try to make a list of interests of your students and make sure you discuss those topics with them during your free time. This will help you know more about them, and it is an interesting way to learn more about their interests as well.

5. Do Not Let Your Personal Problems Affect Your Career

Yes, we all have our own problems, and it’s fine. However, do not let your personal problems affect your career because your students will feel uncomfortable discussing their issues with you. Make sure that the relation between you and them is comfortable and healthy by talking to them about things that interest both of you. This will also help build a good relationship.

6. Do Not Use Bad Language  

This is one of the most important factors that can help you gain the love of your students again. First of all, do not use bad language and try to avoid using slang and clichés at any cost because it will make things worse for both of you.

7. Treat Your Students Like Your Own Children

This is one of the most important guidelines to gain the love of your students. Treat them as if they are your own children because they will definitely respond better to you when they feel that you care for them.

8. Do Not Compare Them with Other Classes and Students

Comparisons can be damaging, especially when it is between students of different cultures. Your personal comparison will not only affect the health of your relationship with your students, but it can also have a negative impact on their performance as well. So, try to compare them with themselves and not others.

9. Respect All of Your Students

This might be a difficult thing to do because every student is unique and has a different personality. However, try to respect every diverse student in your class because when you do so, it will help improve the overall atmosphere of your classroom.

10. Learning Should Be an On-Going Process

Do not stop learning after gaining experience in this field for 10 years or so. Learning is a process that should never stop. Even after years, try to improve your teaching skills as much as possible because it is the key to gaining the love of your students.

11. Help Them in Enhancing Their Writing Skills

This is a point that I cannot emphasize enough because good writing skills are what you need in order to succeed in life. Before going for any job interview, make sure that you improve your writing skills because it can help you reach the top.

12. Help Them to Build Creative Minds

Creativity is what will help you stand out in the future, and this trait can be enhanced through proper guidance and training of your students by teaching them how to think outside the box. This will help them in their entire career, and they will be able to solve problems within a short span of time.

13. Help Them to Build A Good Self-Esteem

No matter how good or bad your students are, it is most important that you help them build healthy self-esteem because it can make things easier for everyone, and it will help them in their future.

14. Try to Learn as Much as Possible

Even after years of experience, do not stop learning because you never know when you need to learn something new and prepare yourself for that moment that can change your life forever. Remember that knowledge is power, and learn as much as possible throughout your career.

15. Keep Your Classroom Clean

A clean and tidy classroom will create a good and healthy environment for learning, and it will also increase the self-esteem of your students as well. Believe me, you will not regret doing this.

16. Make A Note of Their Problems and Their Successes

Keeping a record of all their problems and successes is the key to gaining the love of your students. Whenever they achieve something new, make sure that you congratulate them because their small efforts will not go unnoticed by anyone.

17. Do Not Give Unnecessary Chores to Your Students

Do not ask your students to do things that are only related to you because it does not matter who did the work. It is about doing things for others and also maintaining a healthy balance between your home life and classroom life.

18. Make Sure That You Consider Their Feedback

Do not forget to listen to what your students have to say because it can help you in making your class better than ever before. Listening is an art that can help you feel closer to your students, and it will also give them a sense of involvement.

19. Do Not Put Too Much Pressure on Your Students

Remember that your students are not robots who only know how to solve math problems, so try not to put any kind of pressure on them because they might get discouraged if this habit persists.

20. Make Yourself Available for Your Students If They Need You

Just because you do not have office hours, it does not mean that your students cannot approach you for help. Try to be available for them whenever they need you and teach them how to solve problems on their own in order to enhance their learning process.

Final Thoughts

The points above are a great way to encourage your students and maintain a healthy relationship with them. It doesn’t matter how new or experienced you are, the tips here will help you build relationships that last through time. If they need an ear for listening or if they want advice on their homework, make sure you’re available because it’s what they deserve from their teacher who cares about them as much as possible. Remember: put in the effort now so your student can remember this throughout their entire life!

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