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  • What is Classroom Management Philosophy?

    What is Classroom Management Philosophy?

    There is no doubt that classroom management is an important issue for teachers, both experienced and newbies. As a teacher, you are often faced with questions regarding your philosophy of classroom management either in your evaluations or in interviews for job placement. This is often because of the role of philosophy-guided classroom discipline in ensuring…

  • Why is classroom management important?

    Why is classroom management important?

    One of the main goals of education is to promote life-long learning. Thus, education should be able to motivate individuals to continue learning throughout their lives, even outside the classroom. So, as a teacher, you should be striving to enhance the development of life-long learning among your students. There is evidence in education literature that…

  • What is Classroom Management?

    What is Classroom Management?

    There are researches that suggest that managing the classroom is a nightmare for the majority of newbie teachers. Even some suggest that it is still a nail in the toe for seasoned teachers. I have had my fair share of troubles with managing a class efficiently. From my experience and research, understanding the concept puts…